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All customers buying 4,000 Legacy CC worth $400 will receive 1 raffle entry for a chance to win up to 100,000 Legacy CC.

Join the #LegacyCCPromo Now and get a chance to win 100,000 Legacy CC.  100 Slot Available! First come first serve only....

Note: $400 per slot worth 4,000 Legacy CC...  More raffle entries, more chance of winning.  Winners will be announced via our Facebook page showing online roulette!

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1st prize - 100,000 Legacy CC Services
2nd prize - 10,000 Legacy CC Services
3rd prize - 5,000 Legacy CC Services

If you'd like to get a chance, kindly send us a message or send an email to sales@ifelconsulting.com and let them know how many slot you want so they can send you PayPal invoice accordingly.

Note: You can buy directly from the button above and put 40 in the quantity to secure 1 slot and get a chance to win 100K Legacy CC!

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