CLOUDCOIN Three Major Exchanges ARE Coming...

CloudCoin is expected to be listed on three major exchanges by the end of 2020, including exchanges in the top 15 for trading volume (over $1 billion per day) and top 20 for liquidity score, as ranked by CoinMarketCap.

There should be hundreds of potential trading pairs for CloudCoin across the various exchanges. The names of the exchanges will be released once terms are finalized.

Consortium-developed API will seamlessly bridge the gap between CloudCoin's RAIDA-based protocols and blockchain-based processes used by most exchanges.

Listing on major centralized exchanges will be a major step forward for CloudCoin, which so far has relied on private/peer-to-peer trading and trading of a CloudCoin representative derivative on decentralized exchanges like BitShares.

These exchanges will make CloudCoin available to millions of new users across the globe.

CloudCoin Wallet 4.0 in Testing

The latest version of CloudCoin Wallet is being tested and will be dubbed 4.0.0, denoting developers believe this to be a significant advance from the current version 3.0.39.

Updates include tools to create a virtual Skywallet debit card, a new fix algorithm, and upgrades to file system and filters.

One Billionth CloudCoin To Be Released

The number of CloudCoins in circulation will pass 1 billion on September 1 when the next tranche is released from the CloudCoin Mint.

The current circulating supply stands at 999,712,358, according to Consortium statistician Mike Bulbuck, representing 70 percent of total supply.

That will peak at 1.4 billion in early 2022, after which no new CloudCoins will be spent into existence.

The Feb. 2022 scarcity event is expected to have a significant effect on the price.

The value added by Consortium efforts each month must equal or exceed the regular expansion (1/60th of total supply) in order for the value of CloudCoin to remain stable or grow.

There will be no further expansion after Feb. 2022.

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