Thank you for choosing CloudCoin!

In traditional monetary systems, the people who "have" the money own it. With CloudCoins, the people that "know" the money own it. CloudCoins use a new technology called RAIDA that does what Bitcoin's Blockchain does, only much better. And you are one of the first people in history to use it! 

In order to own these coins you must pown (password-own and change all the internal authenticity numbers ) so only you have them. 

This requires software to contact the RAIDA and change. This software can be downloaded from the links below. Please keep in mind that the software is provided is as-is with all faults, defects and errors, and without warranty of any kind. Free from the CloudCoin Consortium.    

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. CloudCoins have only been in circulation for a few months.

Exchanges are coming soon. Applications for Mac and iPhone are also coming soon. 

If you have some problems, please contact support:

If you accidentally destroy or lose your Cloudcoins, they can be recovered in 5 years. Send your serial numbers and the month lost to Subject: Lost Coin Report.  You need to re-authenticate your CloudCoins once every four (4) years so the RAIDA administrators do not think they have been abandoned.

Below Links Allows You to Pown and Authenticate CloudCoins without Downloading Any Software 

Detect Coins without Downloading Software

Detect if coins are authentic without powning

The Newest Software

CloudCoin Wallet Beta for All Desktops Blue Sky or Dark Sky 

CloudCoin Wallet Video